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Barbara: Коллажи от Людмилки Кропаковой из Чехии

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Etheline: YAY! You put it here! Thank you!!!!! :-) I'm sorry I can't do it more properly, but I can work only with *drawing*

Barbara: Etheline, Lucie, you've have done very amazing collages! Such airy... I love the second very much... The young Edith and Edith is at a mature age... Two Edith are looking against each other One of Edith is disturbed by uncertainty of the future, the second is full of the memoirs about her youth

Etheline: =) I'm glad you feel it like that, it was the aim - compare two ages. :)

Пушистик: Etheline , and I like the first picture more The couple of birds is so nice

Etheline: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like and hope you can even use it as a wall :-) Yep, the two birds and sparrows - You know, little Sparrow's looking at sparrows - flying ones..like she used to fly and she still does in our hearts, right? Gosh, it sound pathetic, but I feel it is true :-) I'm glad to be here, but again, I'm sorry for English...

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